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List of Versions Produced at CIRG @ POLI/UPE
(In case of downloads or successful applications please inform the authors)

Version 3.0: pFSS (Parallel FSS)   STATUS: On-Going Work, due to delivery in 2011
This version is still under construction and tests. It should be readily available for extensively use of GPU capabilities.


Version 2.0: dFSS (Density Based FSS)   STATUS: Ready but Waiting Publication since 2010
This version excels for multimodal hyper-dimensional functions. It includes modifications in the previous operators: Feeding and Swimming, as well as new: Memory and Partition operators. The latter two were introduced to acount for the partition of the main school into subgroups. Some changes were also included in the stop conditions that now also have to consider subswarms.


Version 1.0 - FSS (Vanilla Version)   STATUS: Delivered and Published in 2008
This version excels for unimodal hyper-dimensional functions. It includes two operators: Feeding and Swimming (considering individual, collective-instinctive and collective-volitive movements). Stop conditions conceived for FSS are as follows: limit of cycles, time limit, minimum school radius, maximum school weight or optimization error).
             [click here for dowloading FSS V1.0]

Acknowledments for any use of this version of FSS should mention: BASTOS FILHO, Carmelo J. A. ; LIMA NETO, Fernando B. de; NASCIMENTO, Antônio I. S.; LIMA, Marília P. "Fish School Search (FSS) - Version 1 (Vanilla Version)". Produced by Computational Intelligence Research Group of University of Pernambuco, Recife-Brazil, 2008.


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